1st Fairway view over Gala and Meigle Hill - wide

Hole 1 – Hill View – 283 yards Par 4
Uphill tee and second shot to a slightly sloping green, with long rough waiting on both sides for any wayward shot.  It’s a good walk up this hole, but the views alone are worth it!!

Hole 10 – Hill View – 132 yards Par 3
Uphill all the way on the shortest hole on the course. Long rough catches any drive going slightly left.  Try and leave your ball below the hole and it’ll be a good birdie chance.

1st aerial shot


2nd hole frosty updated

2nd hole with eildonsHole 2  Gala View      Hole 11  Gala View

288 yards Par 4            288 yards Par 4

Downhill all the way to the green, this short par 4 can be reached with as little as a 7 iron – but be careful…protected by out of bounds on the left and right, with long rough behind the green and a strip to clear at the tee this hole often gets the better of you.  

Definite birdie chance, is very often a bogey or worse.

Hole 3 – Appletreeleaves – 171 yards Par 3
Slight right to left dogleg, blind par three with long rough to the right, out of bounds to the left, bunker to catch slightly left attempts. Simple par three…not.  From this tee you are sheltered from the wind, so club selection is often tricky.

Hole 12 – Appletreeleaves – 150 yards Par 3
Straighter and shorter than the 3rd, still a semi blind tee shot par three.  A well struck shot to right half of the green will kick down nicely into range for a birdie putt.  A miss right leaves a tricky chip down a steep slope, a miss left is a big no-no.

Rolling Fairways of Gala Golf Club 4th saturated

Hole 4 & 13 Braid’s Delight – 524 yards Par 5 

The course’s signature and longest hole, with out of bounds on the left marked by the Ladhope Burn, the shortest and riskiest way in is to play down the left side. Plenty of room to bale out right onto the 9th fairway, but with Finlay’s Creek running across the fairway at 320 yards, do you play up in two or go for it? The elevated green with punishing run offs to the side and front puts another obstacle in the way of a par.  Make sure you’re up, otherwise the ball might come straight back to your feet

view from 15th

Hole 5 – Ca-Canny – 345 yards Par 4
Straight-forward par four from the front tee. Only out of bounds left and right, long rough to the left and uphill to the green from 200 yards out.  Be sure to leave your ball below the hole or you’re in danger of putting it straight back off the green.

Hole 14 – Ca-Canny – 460 yards Par 5
Double dog-legs don’t come around too often. Out of bounds left and right all the way to the green. A good drive can catch a helpful kick from the downslope, which can make this reachable in two. Ideal for golfers who can hit shots both ways.

6th hole


Hole 6 – The Corner – 150 yards Par 3

Hole 15 – The Corner – 141 yards Par 3

The easiest route on this semi blind par 3 is to aim left and hope for a good kick onto the large, elevated, two-tier green.  Unless you are on the same level as the hole, a birdie putt is often just an attempt to get it close and walk off with your 3.
A deceptively challenging par three for all standards.

7th cropped

Hole 7 – Vardon Slope – 432 yards Par 4

Named after the great Harry Vardon who played here after the course was opened, this is possibly the hardest hole on the course. The sloping fairway takes every shot to the right, even your approach to the green will be taken to the right. Any pitch short will be punished by rolling down the hill into the rough. Aiming 20-30 yards to the left is the norm here.
A five isn’t bad, a four feels like a birdie.


Hole 8 – The Well – 190 yards Par 3 

Hole 17 – The Well – 208 yards Par 3

Elevated tees to a sloping green with the protective Captain’s Bunker at the front right. Out of bounds on the left harks back to when this hole was a par four from tees next to the previous green, but now you need to be miles left to reach OB.
Anything from a wedge to a driver could be used depending on the wind.

Galashiels Golf Club 9th hole

Hole 9 – Bolands Seat – 357 yards Par 4

Hole 18 – Bolands Seat – 337 yards Par 4

A gentle climb for the last hole, all the way from tee to green.
Tall firs and out of bounds on the left for your drive up a sloping fairway. Make sure to get over the crest or reaching in two is a tough task.  For the second shot to a green cut into the hill, take an extra club and aim at the tree to the left of the green, as everything usually goes right.  Depending on pin location, this hole is often the chance to sneak a birdie to make the drink at the 19th taste a little bit sweeter!

GGC Scorecard